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Meet DeShon Downing’s Killers: Officers Jeremy Torres and Jereme Morris

(Left: Torres, 2017; Right: Morris, 2010)

Jeremy Torres and Jereme Morris are the officers who shot and killed DeShon Downing, according to Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department public records, which we obtained through a public records request.

While the public records do not explicitly name Torres and Morris as the shooters, they are the only two Flex Team officers listed on the public incident report. Their assignment to the Flex Team was confirmed when IMPD sent the officers’ personnel files in response to a follow-up public records request. IMPD had previously stated that the officers who shot Downing were on the Flex Team.

Chief Bryan Roach should have named these officers to the public in his press conference. Instead, he did everything he could to paint DeShon Downing as a dangerous individual whose death was justifiable, while shielding those who actually committed acts of violence.

One reason Chief Roach is reticent to release the names of these killer cops is undoubtedly that one of them, Officer Morris, was suspended without pay from March 15–April 25, 2013, for several violations. First, he violated General Order 3.24, which prohibits drug and alcohol use on the job. Second, he violated other rules and regulations, including the following:

“Members shall not report for full-duty status, or perform said duty, when the use of any drug or medication impairs their effectiveness—Members shall obey all federal, state, or local laws—Members shall obey all laws of any state or local jurisdiction where the member is present.”

IMPD Rules and Regulations

The IMPD should have stripped Morris of his badge, gun, and accompanying license to kill in 2013. Instead of a slap on the wrist, he should have been criminally charged with the “federal, state, or local laws” that he was found to have violated. The fact that the IMPD protected this criminal, who then killed a member of the Indianapolis community, is unacceptable. 

We continue to demand:

  1. Release all video footage of the encounter and its aftermath to the public;
  2. Inform the public of the names of the involved officers;
  3. Fire the officers;
  4. Press charges against the officers without convening a grand jury and without a special prosecutor.

Indy10 BLM, IMPD Transparency, ANSWER Indiana